Breakfast Burger: Two rashers of bacon a fried egg on a toasted sesame seed bun & sauce of your choice $10
Deluxe Breakfast Burger: Two rashers of Bacon, Fried egg, half an avo, with melted cheese, tomato relish & and fresh made hollandaise $15
Best Breaky Wrap: Two rashers of bacon, fried egg, cheese tomato relish & hollandaise $12
Vegie Wrap: Baby Spinach, garlic mushrooms, half an avo, a poached egg and grilled halloumi with tomato relish $12
Avocado on Toast: with lemon cream cheese, spinach, pistachio dukkah and a lemon wedge $12


Plain $6.0
Jam/Nutella $6.5
Ham & Cheese $8.0
Ham, Cheese & Tomato $8.5
Bacon & Egg $10.0
Potato Cake: with hollandaise, tomato relish, bacon a poached egg $14.0
Vegan Stack: sourdough toast with avocado & onion smash, topped with baby
spinach, roasted tomato, garlic mushrooms, walnuts & a wedge of lemon
Savoury Mince: with a poached egg, hollandaise sauce and crispy sourdough $15.0
Seven Heaven: French toast with bacon, two fried eggs and a shot maple syrup $17.0
Eggs Benedict: with baby spinach, house made hollandaise and your choice of
smoked salmon, triple smoked bacon, ham off the bone, or grilled halloumi
Seven Stones Breakfast: tripled smoked bacon, roasted tomato, garlic mushrooms & two eggs (served poached, fried or scrambled) with toasted sourdough $15.0
Big Breakfast: 150g rib fillet steak, pork sausage, halloumi, baby spinach roasted tomato, garlic mushrooms, triple smoked bacon and two eggs grilled halloumi with tomato relish (served poached, fried or scrambled) with toasted sourdough and tomato relish. $25.0


Bowl of Triple cooked potato chips made right here & seasoned with Italian herb salt $7
Salt & Pepper Calamari: served on a bed of rocket and house made aioli $12.0
Pesto Bread: basil pesto & feta on a pizza base $12.0
Garlic Bread: Confit Garlic with parmesan & mozzarella on a pizza base $12.0
Bruschetta: garlic oil, fresh tomato, red onion, basil, crumbled feta on a pizza base, topped with balsamic reduction $12.0
Burgers & Grilled Sandwiches *Add side of Chips for $4.00

Check Specials Board for Burger of the Day!!!

Grilled Halloumi & Basil Pesto: with baby spinach roasted red capsicum garlic mushrooms on sour dough $10.0
Chicken & Avocado: chicken breast with ½ an avocado, lettuce mix & aioli served on a toasted Sesame seed bun *Add bacon for $2 $12.0
Beef & Cheese Burger: Beef Pattie with house made tomato relish, red onion, dill pickles, mustard aioli and a rasher of bacon served on a toasted Sesame Seed Bun $15.0
The Shorty Burger (it’s not): stacks of chicken, ½ an avocado, bacon x2, red onion, cheese, pineapple, egg, lettuce, & tomato relish $20.0


Vegans garden: rocket and lettuce mix, red onion, cherry tomatoes, garlic mushrooms, roasted red capsicum, pumpkin, crispy potato with walnuts & dressed with a balsamic reduction $15.0
Caesarish Salad: lettuce mix, crispy bacon, chicken, red onion, sourdough croutons, Plenty of parmesan, dressed in house made aioli and a poached egg $15.0
Super Salmon Salad: pan fried salmon, baby spinach, roasted red capsicum, pumpkin, red onion coated with a lemon dressing $18.0

Larger Meals

Boscolia Chicken and Mushroom penne pasta: cream base sauce with red onion bacon, & shaved parmesan. Vegetarian option, add pumpkin and Spinach $25.0
Smoky Pork Ribs: fall off the bone cooked so slowly in our very own pizza oven served with Triple cooked potato chips and dressed coleslaw salad $28.0
300g Rib Fillet Steak: cooked how you like served with triple cooked house cut chips,garden salad and choice of sauce: pepper sauce, mushroom sauce,tomato relish, chilli jam or garlic butter $34.0

Check with Staff for Daily Specials!!


Ask Staff for our Calzone Special!!!

Chicken & Chorizo: mozzarella, red onion, cherry tomatoes, red capsicum baby spinach and tomato base $14
BBQ Chicken & Bacon: mozzarella BBQ sauce, red capsicum, red onion $14
Pepperoni: mozzarella, red onion, cherry tomato, baby spinach, black olives, tomato base
Vegan: red onion, roasted pumpkin, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, red capsicum, garlic mushrooms and a tomato base $14
Served with triple cooked chips, salad and dipping sauce $14


9inch 12 inch
Meat Feast: pepperoni, chicken, prosciutto, chorizo, red onion mozzarella cheese on a tomato base $14.0 $22.0
Italiano: prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, red onion, mozzarella cheese and olives on a tomato base topped with fresh basil $12.0 $20.0
Veggie Delight: spinach, garlic mushroom, red capsicum, red onion, olives, cherry tomato mozzarella cheese on a tomato base $12.0 $20.0
Inferno: pepperoni, jalapenos, chorizo, red onion, red capsicum,mozzarella cheese & chilli flakes on a tomato base $12.0 $20.0
BBQ Chicken and Bacon: chicken, bacon, red onion, mozzarella cheese on a BBQ base topped with aioli $12.0 $20.0
Chicken & Pumpkin: with feta, mozzarella, red onion and baby spinach on a basil pesto base $12.0 $20.0
Classic Pepperoni: tomato base, red onion and mozzarella $12.0 $20.0
Salmon Supreme: Smoked Salmon, olives, capers, red onion, red capsicum & bacon on a tomato base $14.0 $22.0

Gluten free Bases Available for $3.0

Dessert Pizzas

9 inch
Served with vanilla ice cream $12
Banana, Nutella & Hazelnut $12
Strawberry syrup with White-Chocolate $12
Apple Pie Pizza with Butterscotch $12

Also there is a great assortment of in house baked slices & cakes to tempt you in our cabinet.


Barista Coffee/Hot Chocolate/White Hot Chocolate/Chai Latte/Dirty Chai/Mocha

Having In Take Away
Cup – $ 4 Small 8oz $4.00
Mug – $5 Regular 12oz $4.50
Large 16oz $5.0


Pot $4.0
Take Away $4.0
English breakfast, earl grey, green with jasmine, peppermint
Espresso/ Macchiato $3
Long Black/Piccolo $3.2
Soy/Almond/Zymil $ 0.80
Syrups $0.8
Extra shot/Double Shot $0.8

Caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, macadamia, butterscotch, white chocolate, coconut, mint, Turkish delight


Soft Drinks – Coke, Coke Zero, Lemonade, Lemon Squash $4
Juices – Orange, Apple, Mango & More, Green Lunch, Pineapple, Apple & Guava $4.50
Lemon Lime & Bitters $6
Bundaberg Range – Ginger Beer, Creaming Soda, Pine & Coconut, Guava, Blood Orange, Peach, Passionfruit $4.5
Bottled Still Water $3.5
Bottled Sparkling Water (600ml) $6
Shakes $6
Thicker Shakes $7

Standard flavours: chocolate, vanilla, caramel, malt and strawberry

Something Different: Turkish Delight, Choc Hazelnut, All About Nuts (Peanut Butter), Butterscotch, Coffee, Mocha, Choc-Mint, White Chocolate coconut, Dirty Chai, Chai, Strawberry White Chocolate, Lime, Strawberry Unicorn.

Smoothies – Banana, Mixed Berry, Mango, Berry Banana $7.50
Frappe $7
Fruity: Mango Guava & Lychee, Pomegranate & Raspberry, Tropical
Milky: Chocolate, Coffee, Mocha, Chai, Dirty Chai
Spider – Ice cream scooped into any soft drink or Bundaberg drink $5
Iced Drink – Chocolate, Coffee, Mocha, Chai, Dirty Chai $6
Iced Tea $5
Gatorade $5